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On 6th September, 2016, a signing ceremony between Centre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research (CESPOR), UNMC and Green Plant Organic Fertilizer Sdn Bhd was held for an industrial research project entitled The efficacy of Living Organic Fertilizer (LOF) and Fortified Living Organic Fertilizer (FLOF) amended with mix cultures of Trichoderma spp. to control basal stem rot diseases in oil palm. The PI of this project is Dr. Christina Vimala Supramaniam of the School of Biosciences, UNMC and the co-PI is Prof. Denny Ng, the Founding Director of CESPOR.

The representatives from Green Plant Organic Fertilizer Sdn Bhd are Dr. David Lim, the Executive Director and Dr. Carmen Goh, the Research and Development Manager. The project is commenced in September 2016 and will be carried out for 3 years in 2 phases. The first phase is for the formulation and amendment of Trichoderma mix culture into organic fertilizer products and the second phase is the application of theTrichoderma-amended organic fertilizer products in 2 oil palm estates located in Malaysia for the biocontrol of Ganoderma sp.

The results will be used for the formulation of commercial fertilizer products by Green Plant Organic Fertilizer Sdn Bhd. UNMC plays crucial responsibility to provide expertise on the microbial formulation and the experimental design for the field trial of Trichoderma-amended organic fertilizer products. Meanwhile, Green Plant Organic Fertilizer Sdn Bhd will be responsible to carry out the cultivation of the microbes to be used with existing commercial fertilizer products, LOF and FLOF at both pilot and large scales production.

The total research fund for this project is budgeted at RM 580,120 and it is fully funded by Green Plant Organic Fertilizer Sdn Bhd.


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