We are delighted and pleased to host the site visit for our honoured guests from the UK-Malaysia Workshop on “Bioenergy, Biorefinery and Bioeconomy: Promoting innovation, multidisciplinary collaboration and sustainability” at Havys Oil Mill, on the 3rd June 2016. The workshop was in line with the National Biomass Strategy 2020 and 1Malaysia Biomass Alternative Strategy (1MBAS) initiatives, which aimed to bring together early career researchers, experts and stakeholders in bioenergy, bioeconomy and biorefinery for knowledge transfer to generate systematic innovative solution between UK and Malaysia.

The vision of this workshop is to achieve the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable sources and development of a sustainable and globular bioeconomy. It gives us a great pleasure to welcome the experts and leading researchers from the workshop, Dr. Jhuma Sadhukhan (Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey), Dr. Mimi Haryani Hassium (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia), Prof. Richard Murphy, Dr. Kok Siew Ng, Dr. Elias Martinez-Hernandez (University of Surrey), Prof. Denny Kok Sum Ng (University of Nottingham Malaysia) and Prof. Abdul Wahab Mohammad (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) to visit to our biomass processing facilities and biogas plant at Havys Oil Mill, Palong, Pahang, Malaysia. Our guests arrived at the oil mill at 11.00 a.m., and a welcoming speech was given by Prof. Mei Fong Chong (University of Nottingham Malaysia/Nottingham Green Technology Sdn Bhd).

The guests were then given a brief introduction about the Integrated Anaerobic-Aerobic Bioreactor (IAAB) system for the treatment of wastewater at the Centre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research (CESPOR) hub located in the oil mill. After the lunch and networking session, a tour for site visit to the IAAB system, biogas plant (Cenergi SEA Sdn Bhd), as well as the biofertilizer composting, fiberizing and pelletizing plants in Havys Oil Mill was provided and led by Prof. Denny Ng and Prof. Mei Fong Chong.

The entire session was very interactive and interesting, the guests were impressed by the overall system and the development and implementation of innovative technologies in our mill. For more information please visit UK-Malaysia Workshop.


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